1. Communicate back. Make sure that you respond and interact with your followers. It’s important to comment back or answer questions that are posted on your content.


  1. Use videos. This is an important part of your marketing. It allows your followers a chance to get to know you and gives you the opportunity to brand yourself more. You are also able to give a more in depth look of properties.


  1. Optimize your profile. Always make sure that you fill in everything you can on your social media. For each platform that you use, add your contact details, address, profile photo, website URL.


  1. Educate your followers. Post relevant content about the home buying process such as:
    • How to search for properties
    • Getting prequalified or preapproved
    • Making an offer
    • Getting a home inspection
    • Selecting the best loan
    • Getting the home appraised
    • Closing the sale


  1. Advertise yourself. Share customers’ reviews or use endorsement tactics such as mentioning the publications you’ve been featured in.


  1. Promote the town. Share content from the local community such as local events and news or information on local property price changes. You could also sponsor a local event to be able to connect with the local community and set yourself apart from larger companies.


  1. Utilize Hashtags. You can use both branded hashtags that are unique to you and generic hashtags. This allows other users to discover you that may not have otherwise.


  1. Be consistent. Schedule content and be consistent for your followers. This will allow you to use your time wisely and not rush content creation when you realize that you haven’t posted in a while.


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