Finding an affordable, full service, and scalable marketing agency is a daunting task for many business owners in virtually every industry. The McGrp International is comprised of a group of professionals that have been both business owners and marketing professionals, giving us the ability to provide custom tailored solutions across many verticals.

One Stop Shop

The McGrp International offers a one stop shop for all marketing needs. Whether you are looking for digital marketing across the social media platforms, web development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, Pay-Per-Click advertising, blogging and copy-writing, print marketing, outsourced call center employees, sales training and support, lead generation services that make your phone ring, or all of the above, we are the perfect solution. Our consultative services can help you determine the exact selection of services to provide the highest possible ROI from our marketing efforts.


Digital Marketing

In 2019, marketing your business online is key. With over 75% of American’s owning a smartphone, with 80% of users utilizing their phones to find locations, and 79% of those owners frequently making purchases from their smartphones, many businesses are discovering that they can not afford to ignore the digital trend. Our marketers are Google Advertising Certified, with extensive training and experience in Pay Per Click Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Video Advertising, providing a vast array of knowledge on how to make your business stand out from the rest. We run highly targeted campaigns, aimed to collect as much consumer information as possible, lining up sales for your company to close.


Lead Generation

The McGrp International works with several call centers and is well versed in lead generation for almost every industry. Through the use of ringless voicemail, we are able to deliver messages to an unlimited number of potential leads, resulting in inbound calls from consumers or businesses who are interested in your services or products. Utilizing social media marketing, we are able to fine tune our targeting to your exact “perfect customer”, ensuring that your advertising dollars are only spent on gathering leads of people in your market demographic who are interested in learning more about your services or products. With The McGrp International, you can rest easy knowing that your businesses is being marketed by some of the most experienced minds in the industry, providing your business the care and exposure that it needs!

Digital Marketing, at an Affordable Rate

We are proud to offer digital marketing services at a rate that will allow business owners to see a return on their investment, opposed to placing them in a seemingly endless hole. While the market rate for agencies across the United States begin in the thousands per month, after a large retainer, our rates begin below $400 per month. We look for long lasting partnerships with our clients, and we believe that astronomical cost prevents many owners from seeing the potential benefit that online marketing has to offer. Contact James Higbee with The McGrp International at 888-343-3165 extension 3 today for a free consultation on how our marketing can drive business through the roof!