At McGrp International we are committed to making your company succeed through professional marketing strategies on virtually every platform performed by experienced marketers and business owners. Bring your company to the next level through Facebook by taking advantage of our turn key solutions that will generate leads, rapidly increase your ROI, build your brand, and achieve the goals you need to be successful. Facebook has quickly become a key tool to connect business owners with consumers, resulting in a need to have your pages professionally managed.

Why is Facebook Marketing Essential?

Facebook has established a presence as the single most important social media platform to advertise on as it generates more revenue from marketing and advertising than any other social media platform available. It’s no secret that Facebook is a top-notch platform and big player in the marketing industry with continual annual growth in its advertising and marketing of over 250% per year! With millions of active advertisers per year; in 2018 there was 2.28 billion active users–The reach is incredible and unprecedented.

Targeted Marketing

Historically, when launching advertising campaigns, business owners turned to media buys such as billboards, magazine and newspaper ads, television, and radio ads. Using these platforms, your advertisement could reach a large amount of people, but there was no way of knowing whether those readers or listeners fell into your market demographic, resulting in quite a bit of advertising dollars wasted. With Facebook Marketing, McGrp International can target consumers based on their locations, interest, current product selections, jobs, education levels, and more. By utilizing geographical and demographic targeting methods, we can ensure that your business is placed in front of the people who are most likely to inquire or purchase your services.

Branding Made Easy

Becoming a household name used to be a very expensive undertaking, which required months to years spent on expensive tv campaigns, hosting community events, and tireless work building your companies brand. Regularly posting on your Facebook business page, responding to comments and questions from users, and interacting with the community has opened the possibility to have your business in front of your target customer base on a daily basis, leaving them with thoughts of your services well after they’ve walked away from their computer.

Do It Yourself vs. Do It For Me

Many business owners feel that they can market their company on Facebook, and while it is certainly possible, the cost of trial and error can become quite expensive. Though online marketing campaigns can be significantly less expensive than their print and video counterparts, the key to running a successful ad campaign falls into the methods of targeting and creating engaging copy. At McGrp International, we have worked with businesses across virtually every industry, and have eliminated the trial and error period, ensuring that from day 1 your advertising dollars are being spent in a manner that will provide you the maximum amount of exposure, while driving in the most amount of leads possible. When working with us, we will help you build the image of the perfect target customer base, and market exclusively to those who fit the demographic of potential buyers.

McGrp International Turnkey Solutions

By selecting the McGrp International to handle your Facebook advertising and marketing, you are making a decision to improve your ROI and maximize your companies reach. Our trained marketing professionals have owned their own business and can tailor a marketing strategy to meet your exact goals on time. For a free consultation call 888-343-3165 extension 3 today. Take advantage of Facebook and our experience by allowing us to market your business to its full potential!