Social Media has rapidly changed the way businesses are selling their products and presenting their brand. In 2019 there are over 3 billion social media users worldwide, with more than 40% of those potential consumers using social media to research brands and products. Social media users like pages related to their personal interest, follow those who inspire them, and they utilize the platforms to connect with friends, family, and associates. From a business standpoint, this equates to there being a limitless supply of data your potential clients are uploading to tell you how and what to market and sell them. The key to social selling is in the name of the action, you have to be social!

Social Selling is a Socially Lead Movement

Historically speaking, the corporations that ran marketing and advertising had very little personal contact with their customers, and marketing budgets in the 10’s of thousands on up were spent on TV, radio, and print marketing efforts that caught a wide range of consumers, with the possibility of many to none falling within the desired targeted demographic market. With social media, businesses can connect with their customers by creating engaging or informational content that gives a potential client a feeling of having gained something from your material, be it entertainment or education. In a perfect scenario, the person who liked your post will then share it, displaying the information to their circle of influence, increasing your brand recognition. Furthermore, when advertising to generate leads or website traffic, you can narrow who your advertisements are shown to based on the target audience’s likes, behaviors, locations, and virtually any other demographic imaginable.

What’s the Return on Investment?

Calculating ROI for a social media campaign varies due to several factors. With social media, the time it will take to fully build out a social media presence is by far the largest investment required in the marketing efforts. To create a following that generates fans, likes, and most importantly, sales, constant content and regular interactions with fans is an absolute must. Paid advertising campaigns vary depending on what a business is looking for. To generate consistent leads and conversions, the spend is significantly less than any other marketing method including print, radio, and TV, with a much higher rate of success.

Developing Relationships

The best aspect of social media for businesses is the ability to attract and create new relationships. When consumers constantly see your business name, engaging content, and informational post, your company begins to stick out above the rest. This in turn creates brand loyalty, and establishes not only trust, but a feeling of connection between a consumer and a company. A company can look at a Facebook page as a modern-day rolodex, filled with the contact information of people who want to buy your services or products.


Social Selling with The McGrp International

As mentioned, the time it takes to create an effective social media presence requires a tremendous amount of time and effort. Furthermore, with paid advertising, the cost of trial and error can become quite expensive if not monitored and optimized properly. The McGrp International is comprised of social media and digital marketing professionals who have been well trained, with years of experience in online marketing. For more information, or for a free consultation, call 888-343-3165 ext. 3 or email