Services That Can Enhance Your Business

In a world where best practices pave the way and are constantly changing, our team works with you to establish a roadmap for a true sales and marketing synergy. We want to highlight a few innovative ways that McGRP can help you achieve higher market position. We perform exhaustive research for each campaign we work on to ensure that we’re maximizing our client’s brand potential and ROI. You’ll never have to worry about wasting campaign funds. We generate direct response for our customers through online media, PPC, SEO, paid search, email, social media and Telemarketing as well as powerful technology platforms delivering text, voice mail, and automated phone calls. 

Ringless VoiceMail Platform
One of our newest and most important features is the Ringless VoiceMail Platform. These two delivery services provide you the capability to drop Voice Mails and Text Messages directly into potential customer’s mobile phones without placing a call. This saves time and man hours by allowing you to have a clear channel to your customers. Our highly targeted telemarketing phone lists give you more leads and sales opportunities. Connect with top-level business contacts or residential consumers through their home, office, or cell phone number. 

BPO Traditional Outsourcing Models
The second important platform is our BPO Traditional Outsourcing Models have generally only been available to large and corporate scale businesses. At The McGRP International, we have adapted this traditional model to fit small-to-medium-sized businesses. Subsequently we help our SMB partners save money. We provide a unique alternative to the costs associated to employee turnover, lawsuits, and workers compensation. Our mission is to improve our customers’ bottom-line. At The McGRP International, we are committed to responsible practices that result in successful partnerships. 

Copywriting and Content
In our copywriting and content sector, we have been in the industry nearly a decade and understand how important crafting high-quality content is to the success of online marketing. Without a coherent marketing message, you could lose your core audience. Guide your targeted audience towards your company’s solution by working with the best writers in the business. Our copywriting team has years of experience in crafting crisp clear content for various industries with the right key words. We write: Blogs, Landing Pages, Meta Tag Descriptions, Articles, Advertorials, Social Media Posts, Product Descriptions, White Papers, E-books, and more… 

Social Media Management 
In the social media sector, we offer a robust solution to help your brand get the most out of online presence. Social Media is one of the most effective ways to get more traffic and generate leads. We ensure that you have a presence on all the major networks such as twitter, Facebook, Google +, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Additionally, we can track conversations, manage brand reputation, and analyze campaign results and insights to ensure campaign ROI. 

All in all, we specialize in data and business solutions for the Auto Insurance and Auto Warranty industry. We provide sales and marketing consulting coupled with customized turnkey solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses that know it’s time to up their sales and marketing game if they want to set their brand apart from the rest.We provide sales and marketing consulting coupled with customized turnkey solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses that know it’s time to up their sales and marketing game. Are you up for it? Contact us now.

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