Lead Generation and Marketing Data

We perform exhaustive research for each campaign we work on to ensure that we’re maximizing our client’s brand potential and ROI. You’ll never have to worry about wasting campaign funds. We generate direct response for our customers through online media, PPC, SEO, paid search, email, social media and Telemarketing as well as powerful technology platforms delivering text, voice mail, and automated phone calls.
Our highly targeted telemarketing phone lists give you more leads and sales opportunities. Connect with top-level business contacts or residential consumers through their home, office, or cell phone number.

Copywriting and Content

We have been in the industry nearly a decade and understand how important crafting high-quality content is to the success of online marketing. Without a coherent marketing message, you could lose your core audience. Guide your targeted audience towards your company’s solution by working with the best writers in the business. Our copywriting team has years of experience in crafting crisp clear content for various industries with the right key words.
We write: Blogs, Landing Pages, Meta Tag Descriptions, Articles, Advertorials, Social Media Posts, Product Descriptions, White Papers, E-books, and more…

Social Media Management


Social media is the voice of your business that gives you the unique opportunity to communicate directly with consumers. It would be counterintuitive to have a beautifully crafted website if no one is being driven there to utilize it. The McGrp International has unmatched social media management services that will promote your content across an array of forums like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter and more. This provides a proven way to attain new customers and reroute existing ones to your website. Our unique process uses a range of resources which include Assessment Tools, Strategic Consulting, Training Workshops and Coaching Programs. These tools help you develop your strategy using targeted performance to increase your sales, productivity and profits.

Outlets like web posts, forums, blogs, social media platforms, and review forums give you direct access to the knowledge of how you are doing against your competitors and your position with consumers. The McGrp International can give you the edge you need to rise above that competition with immediate, real-time access to your loyal customers. Social media analytics provide proof into the direct success that comes from interacting with customers online, and ultimately helps increase the flow of web traffic. The power of social media is palpable and result-driven, which we believe can be harnessed for your business’ full advantage.

BPO – Outsourcing Solutions

Traditional Outsourcing Models have generally only been available to large and corporate scale businesses. At The McGrp International, we have adapted this traditional model to fit small-to-medium-sized businesses. Subsequently we help our SMB partners save money. We provide a unique alternative to the costs associated to employee turnover, lawsuits, and workers compensation. Our mission is to improve our customers’ bottom-line. At The McGrp International, we are committed to responsible practices that result in successful partnerships.


  • Revenue
  • Levels of Service
  • Performance
  • Productivity
  • Company Structure
  • Flexibility


  • Payroll Processing Expenses
  • Employer Taxes
  • Employee Benefit Costs
  • Unemployment Expenses
  • Retrain and Turnover Expenses

Analytics and Performance Management

The success of digital marketing lies within the ability to interpret the analytics and performance management of your advertising campaigns and web presence. Our graphics and measurements enable our customers to have hands-on feedback on how their website is performing across all sites, platforms, and devices. We deliver integrated reports that give you an idea of your market position, as well as, compared to the competition. Our marketing specialists have the experience to convert this data into usable leads and customized strategies using predictive analysis.

Here are some of the features you can expect:

  • Measure the channels and ease that your potential customers have in terms of locating you;
  • How often your website is being viewed and by whom;
  • What types of devices are primarily being used when searching;
  • Which pages your customers are viewing;
  • The length of time they remain on the site;
  • Apply customer acquisition metrics to attract customers with new targeted campaigns;
  • Which keywords are being searched most;
  • And, consolidated customer reviews.

Furthermore, one of our key services includes building and improving upon your Customer Acquisition Score. This number is comprised of your business’ current search ranking and volume. The McGrp International wants to provide you with top quality transparency by reporting to you not only the data but our interpretation of how this data can be utilized.

Web Development

The McGrp International has been involved in the web development industry nearly a decade and recognizes the correlation between crafting highly professional websites and its’ online marketing success. Physical locations are not enough to maintain market leadership and brand recognition. We work closely with you on capturing the essence of your business to effectively communicate your products and services to your customers. Our website development experts deliver high performance online services, user friendly navigation, and effective search engines to leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

Example of some of the key features our websites have to offer:

  • Optimal Connectivity and Platform Hosting
  • Responsive Analytics
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Built-in Optimization
  • Exceptional Graphic Design Team
  • Front and Back End Development
  • Simple to Maintain
  • Support Availability

With hundreds of successful projects under our belt, we can confidently provide you the digital marketing platforms that you need to get your business to that next level. Since your website is a direct reflection of your business, we want to design one that increases your popularity and reputation. Armed with unmatched expertise, we will deliver you maximum traction with customers, improved traffic, and an influential web presence.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases your online visibility and branding through strategic keyword and phrase searches. The added effort that is put into making your company more accessible on the internet results in a higher level of return, as well as, more tread with potential customers. Our SEO professionals work diligently with you to modify all searches and dominate local sections on different platforms like Google Maps, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, and Yellowpages. The interested population is always looking for the best products/services available on the market, and The McGrp International can put your business in the most visible locations to be seen and purchased. With our localized SEO services, we can engage with customers and give you a presence in your immediate and surrounding area.

Three Fields of SEO Work

Primarily, our SEO experts understand the technical aspects of your business and its’ current online presence. As we work with you, we get a better understanding of the layout of your website, brand image, content index, target audiences, and which channels are right for your industry. The second field includes “On-Page Optimization” which incorporates keywords and phrases that attract consumer web traffic. These are the tools in which you will need to be found on the internet to display your relevance within the market. Finally, The McGrp International focuses on “Off-Page Optimization,” which essentially is online link building that encompasses blog commenting, infographic images, and communicating via social media forums. Ultimately, our unique SEO strategies work within your budget to engage the public and procure leads.

PPC/ Mobile Ad App

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing comes hand-in-hand with search engine optimization that uses targeted advertising to drive traffic to your website, rather than letting it slowly build organically. These exist across all media platforms including Google search results, sidebar ads, and pop-ups. Out of all forms of digital marketing, paid search ads are far more effective at maintaining their position as the best way to build web traffic. As people search for specific products or services, your PPC ad reroutes them directly to your website. This specifically targeted, revenue-driving advertising channel can increase your click-through rates at a low cost for maximum ROI.

With our extensive PPC outreach, we are able to actively engage over 35,000 mobile applications both local and national including Pandora, Yelp, Weather Channel, Facebook, Linkedin, NFL, and thousands more in a myriad of industries. Rise above your competitors and put your business in the most visible locations. By establishing a geographic fence, we can push your paid advertisements on all accessible platforms within a designated area. For as little as $100 per month, you can reach 10,000 customers in your area alone using PPC through mobile advertisements.

Sales Training & Support

Our unique process uses an array of full resources made up of Assessment Tools, Strategic Consulting, Training Workshops and Coaching Programs, to help you develop your strategy, processes and targeted performance to increase your sales, productivity and profits.