To get started, the concept of Power Listings sprouted from an idea that all businesses should be able to have their information correctly listed across websites, social media forums, search engines, applications, maps, directories and more. This Power Listings tool automatically edits listing errors and updates critical fields like name, address, phone number, and categories across our extensive network. It has the ability to add photos, descriptions, promotions, new products, and announcements, to ensure secure communication with your customers. Simply enter the information into your Power Listings account and watch updates occur across the network, with the click of a button.

By clicking on this free Business Listings Scan, you can see a real time report of how your business is displayed on hundreds of websites and how we can help you correct them. Instead of manually editing every single platform for a change in phone number or address, let us save you time and money by updating your business information across the board instantly. Once you see for yourself how easy it is to find incorrect information, we can offer you a Power Listings Plan Package according to your business’ needs.

Our Power Listing Plan Packages will give you definitive control of how your business listings appear everywhere when customers search for your products or services. You, as a business owner, cannot control where your customer will choose to search for your information, but you can control what information is displayed when they get there. You, also, have no guarantee that your information is listed correctly everywhere on the internet; however, when you purchase a Power Listing Scan, we can ensure that it will.

Essential Starter Package:

  • This plan includes the basic services that will protect your company’s information by listing it correctly on sites like Merchant Circle, Yellow Pages, ShowMeLocal, Topix, and more.
  • We promise a 28% Optimization Rate, which is an estimate of the percentage of listing views that do not contain an error.

Complete Plus Package:

  • This plan provides you a complete set of services that protect your business information on sites like those listed above; in addition to, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Bing, Apple platforms, Yelp, FourSquare, and more.
  • We increase your Optimization Rate to an impressive, 72%. The higher the Optimization Rate, the more accurately displayed your information will be on the internet.
  • This package allows you to securely publish your Products, Services, Calendars, and Staff Bios across the web.

Premium Advanced Package:

  • This plan is a comprehensive services package that triples the amount of protected listings information on sites like those listed above.
  • We fully guarantee an error-free, 100% Optimization Rate.
  • We track profile views to see which specials drive the most traffic.
  • This package includes review monitoring, which keeps track of the ratings and reviews your customers post online.
  • The most important feature of our Premium Advanced Package is that it includes all of your enhanced content, as well.

The Premium Advanced Package ensures your company is listed correctly with the following enhanced content:

  • Hours of Operation: Make sure customers know when they can find you.
  • Featured Message: Let your customers know about special offers and breaking news with up to 50 characters of custom text.
  • Photos and Video: Upload photos and like to videos to engage your customers in a multimedia experience.
  • Staff Bios: Highlight your staff and accomplishments to give customers confidence in working with you.
  • And More: including websites, business descriptions, event calendars and payment methods.

We can help you use local organic search as an active and completely accurate marketing channel. How does your business show up on local business listings? CONTACT US NOW and learn more by reviewing our Power Listing Plans by CLICKING HERE