Instagram is one of the most influential social channels used today. Whether you are a large corporation, or a small business, using Instagram to market your brand can help take your marketing to a new level, or rapidly gain exposure for a brand-new startup. There are so many reasons why incorporating Instagram into your digital media marketing presence and business plan is a must!

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

Instagram uses visual content posts accompanied with small text ‘captions’ to tell a story about a company, brand, or product. This is so valuable as it has been proven that visual posts produce much more engagements compared to plain texts posts. In addition, utilizing visual imagery is a great way to establish a connection with your clientele, as imagery of your product grows brand recognition and trust much more quickly than the written word.


Your Brand’s Audience

Instagram’s active user base changes month to month, but this wildly popular social media application can be expected to have 800 million to 1 billion active monthly users on its mobile photo sharing network. This allows businesses the opportunity to have a very large potential audience for every one of its posts. In addition, the app gives a feature of ‘hashtags’ that allow to target a specific demographic for each post. Using the right hashtags allows you to get certain posts in from of the right people, regardless of whether they follow you, opening the opportunity to grow your network organically, opposed to paid marketing methods that are required for a similar reach on Facebook.


A New Way to Engage

With your Instagram posts you have the ability to set trends and start movements through hashtags and posts that your followers and demographics can see, and then use the same type of post or hashtag on their personal post. It is important to follow Instagram accounts that mention your brand or take pictures with your brand as the “follow for follow” action causes customers and fans to feel appreciated for their time acknowledging your brand. Also, Instagram gives you the ability to tag users in posts or reply directly to them from the comments section which is a personal form of engagement that will create loyal customers through social engagement.

Monitor Your Brand

Instagram allows for a unique opportunity for a company small or large to monitor their presence on Instagram. You can see who is talking about you, what they are talking about, and what type of posts and hashtags are being used outside of your posts about your brand–this is a goldmine of information and useful feedback to see what is working and what isn’t, which gives you the ability to make necessary changes to accomplish goals and strategically market through Instagram.

McGrp For Instagram

Marketing on Instagram requires a working knowledge of how the platform works, the right hashtags to use, and what kind of content will engage your potential customers. The McGrp International spends several hours per day monitoring trends, launching new content, and engaging with customers for the multiple brands that we represent on Instagram. Entrusting your Instagram Marketing efforts with us ensures that your company’s image is being handled by a team of people who are well skilled in building brands online. Instead of spending the weeks to months of trial and error on the platform, level up your Instagram Marketing with us today! For a free consultation contact James Higbee at, call us at 888-343-3165 ext. 3, or  DM us on Instagram @the_mcgrp_int!