Why Your Business Needs a Listing Report?

In the days of Yellow Pages, you would be able to find the printed names, addresses, and phone numbers of all credible business locations in your region. This heavy, chunky brick of a book delivered the most up-to-date information on local listings as possible. A telephone number was included so that any questions like the closing time and possible inventory could be answered. Flash-forward 20 years and our idea of contacting a local business is one click away. Operating hours, directions, email, and practically all enhanced data can be answered on their business’ online listing.

How do you, as a business owner, know that your information is accurately being displayed on all fronts, especially if you’re listed on the hundreds of listings platforms available to the market? With a combined average of 237 million monthly active searchers, you should find great value in your information being consistent and correct across all sites.  Businesses cannot control where your consumer will choose to search for their information, but you can control what information is displayed when they get there using our Listing Scan and Report tool.

How is our Listing Report Beneficial?

By doing a Listings Scan with The McGrp International, we can check the status of your online business information instantly by seeing how your most critical location data appears on Google, Yelp, social media forums and dozens more maps, apps, search engines and directories as an organized report for FREE. This scan gives you a real time report of how your business is displayed on hundreds of business listing websites and you can see for yourself how easy it is to find incorrect information, all at no cost! If your potential customer finds wrong information, it can be the make-or-break deciding factor in whether or not they choose your business over the competition. Not to mention the overwhelming amount of time it takes to locate and correct any and all wrong data, as listings websites tend to produce a shockingly high number of false material. Our Listing Report takes seconds to deliver where your business appears everywhere online!

Showing up on the majority of business listings sites should be an important part of your digital marketing strategy and will help your business maintain strong local digital presence. In a recent study, it was found that over 90% of business owners who conducted a listings scan found incorrect information on their business and over 91% of those managers stated that this false data made a significant impact on their business. Information gathered through data aggregators also takes weeks, if not months, to update completely across the magnitude of listing sites. Ultimately, this delay can negatively affect your marketing strategy and burn your budget.

Why not let us handle that aspect of your business so you can focus on more crucial operations? You could be missing out on essential customers just because they found two different addresses on the web and doesn’t have time to make a phone call, so they end up going to a competitor. As a consumer yourself, you may have even been in the exact situation that we are referring to. To maintain a strong digital presence, your business needs to take control of their local listing information across all fronts and ensure that every customer endpoint shows the same complete, consistent information.

What Comes After the Listing Scan?

As each business listing portal is a great opportunity for businesses to present themselves to the public, it also may come as a challenge for those facing time constraints. With so many out there, how does your business ensure its data is being displayed accurately across the board? Depending on which, these listings can be updated at a multitude of different time intervals. Unless your business manually updates these daily, monthly, or yearly, then you might be missing out on consumers who are finding wrong information on that one website that you may have forgotten to update. By utilizing a tool like our Listing Scan, your business can update its local listing information immediately, across hundreds of sites, with the click of one button.

The McGrp International takes complete control of those displayed listings by working with you to “Match & Lock,” meaning that those listings portals no longer have the ability to update your information outside of the locked information that you want to be seen. With over 100 publishers, including Google, Bing, and Apple, we can help you use local organic search as an active and completely accurate marketing channel. How does your business show up on local business listings?

Try our scanner now and see for yourself by CLICKING HERE and CONTACT US to help you take control or your listings!